Highlight with grc

I use my terminal emulators a lot. I just love command-line interface because I really feel much more freedom than I have in GUI applications. However the most command-line applications do not highlight their output making it hard to read. Let's fix it?

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Visualizing pages graph in MediaWiki

The original question was originally posted on April 11, 2016 at MediaWiki Support Desk

I edit MediaWiki based wikis. MediaWiki is a very powerful system and besides the web-based administration toolkit there are also a big number of maintenance scripts that are accessible via shell. One of the scripts is dumpLinks.php that generates a plain text links dump.

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Encrypted blobs in Git and Mercurial

Git and Mercurial started their lives in the mid 2000 bringing the growing popularity DVCS concept to people. Both of them use similar techniques to gain the same results and offer very similar features. One of such features is bidirectional filtering applied to files once they get checked out and committed in (or staged to the index) from and to the repository respectively. The filters can be used in many ways, like SVN-like keyword expansion or auto-formatting.

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Ukrainian Fillwords simple crack

Dedicated to Anna

A few days ago my girlfriend got a new mobile device. In order to migrate all of the stuff from the old device to the new one, I decided to use a good old adb. While spending a few hours of talking to each other, the adb tool was backing up and restoring the necessary application and data. However, there was a simple game, Ukrainian Fillwords (Філворди Українською), I couldn't migrate. Well, let's see what was under the hood.

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I hate JPA and Hibernate