I hate S.O. morons

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The post originally was posted on 2019-03-22 07:43:00 +0300, but it has been two years since then, so I don't really care now.

I refused to contribute to StackOverflow a year ago. Yeah, I still have peeked into the Gson tag hole anonymously. That was the power of the gamification I lived with almost a decade. Okay, I never contributed heavily, however I wouldn't let myself post a stupid answer trying to put the best I can for those morons for free. Yeah, that is. Sometimes I posted under fictional names (see idontcare and no-one-cares users there if you want), because I had a feeling I had to make a post, probably being a gamification addict. Come on, what's for? I don't know, let it go away. Recently I decided to help out a folk with 120+K reputation. Explaining why his deserializer is not invoked, why he's using a raw class and why it's wrong, referenced my own PR to Gson addressing a similar issue, I got a negative reputation point. After 20 minutes since I posted my answer, the OP posted my own PR calling it a feature released in Gson 2.8.5 (again, this is wrong and this is a stale PR not have yet been released). OP, what's wrong with you? I'll never post to StackOverflow anymore even anonymously leaving all the morons with their problems alone. Fuck it.

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